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TUTE :: Instrucciones

1. Introduction
2. Screens
3. Controls
4. Purpose of the game
5. Location of the elements
6. Score
7. End of the game
8. Start playing
9. Tips

1. Introduction
Liar is a 3-to-4-card Online Strategy game, one of the most popular of the Spanish deck. You will measure rivals from any part of the world and compete with them in various types of rankings depending on the experience points (PE) you get.

2. Screens
Below are the different types of screens that the game consists of.
2.1 Home screen.
On this screen you will find the following options. - Login: access with your user to the game area, if you do not have any, here you will find the option to create your user.
- Facebook Login: click on this option to log in the game with your Facebook account and have the features of sharing moves, invite and play with facebook friends.
- Exit: If you have finished playing, press the back button to close the game.
During the game you can access the preferences screen by pressing the menu button.

2.2 Main screen.
In this screen you will find a list of the games in which you have pending moves to play, games with pending moves of others and the last 10 games finished. You will also find the following options:
- Create Game: clicking on this option will open the create game screen, described in the section "Start playing".
- Ranking: clicking on this option will open the ranking navigation screen, in which you can choose between the global ranking, country ranking, provincial ranking and ranking of Facebook friends.
- Help: clicking on this option will open the help screen where you can access the instructions, modify the user account, settings, terms of use of the game, privacy policy, suggestions and other games.
- Share: when clicking with this option, you can send an invitation to your facebook friends that you consider appropriate, so that they install the application and can compete with you. In the header you can find the following options:
- Update: clicking on this option will update the game listings.

2.2.1 Create Match.
In this zone you can create games in different ways.
- Option 1, creation of open items. By selecting the minimum score and the maximum you can create an open game so that any user that is in that score range can accept the game and play.
- Option 2, create a game with a user that exists in the game. If you know the email or the name of any user you want to play with, look for it and request to play with it. At the moment your opponent accepts the game, the game will start.
- Option 3, play again with a user with whom you played some game recently.
- Option 4, play with your facebook friends who have a user account in this game. Once you have selected one of the options above, a game request will be sent to your opponent and the moment you accept, the game will start. The score will not be effective until both players make the first move.

2.2.1 Joining an Existing Match.
By clicking on the "Open Games" button on the "Create Match" screen, you can join a game created by another user, this screen will show a list of all the games created in which your score is within the range of points Of the games created.

2.2.3 Rankings.
In this area you can see the world ranking, the country, the province, the last 24 hours and your facebook friends depending on the points you have accumulated. To see the points calculation check the section "Score".

2.2.4 Help.
Clicking on this option will appear the help of the game. Refer to section 2.4
2.3 Facebook Login.
Clicking on this option will open the facebook login interface, in which you will have to enter the username and password and accept the necessary conditions of use. Once you have logged in, you will not need to log in again until you click on the log off button on the main screen.
2.4 Help.
The help screen displays the following sections:
2.4.1 Instructions.
You will access this instruction screen.
2.4.2 Modify User.
In this zone you can change the name, surname, password of the user and participation in the automatic game.
2.4.3 Configuration.
In this screen you can activate / deactivate the music and help of the game, in addition to being able to change the language of the game.
2.4.4 Terms of Use.
In this option you can find the terms of use of the game.
2.4.5 Privacy Policy..
In this option you can find the data privacy permissions that the game uses.
2.4.6 Suggestions.
Help us improve the game, we will all win. Suggest the improvements you can think of or tell us about any problems you may have with the game.
2.4.7 Other games.
In this area you will find other games related to Androsito Games.
2.5 Exit.
Clicking on this option closes the application completely. Only the sending of requests notifications of games or movements made by your opponents will be active.

3. Controls.
3.1 Out-of-game controls.
By clicking on the menu button of your device, you can activate or deactivate the following options:
- Music: allows you to show sounds in the game.
- Help: allows you to show contextual help to help the player in all parts of the game. This option does not disable system messages.

3.2 Game controls.
In the game screen, when you choose the cards you want to cast on a play, you drag them to the middle of the board. After this click on the play button and indicates the number of the suit. - Click on the "lie" button, to indicate if the previous player has lied, otherwise you have to keep casting cards of the same suit.
- To leave the game click on the button that has the white flag.
- To talk to your opponent, press the button that has a balloon drawn and you will enter the conversation screen.

4. Purpose of the Game.
The game consists of getting as many experience points (PE) as you can at the end of the game. To achieve these points of experience you must overcome your opponent in the score of the game. The points of experience obtained depends on the position in which you stay in the game, if you stay the 1st you will get 10 points, if you stay the 2nd you will get 5 points, the third and fourth will lose 10 points. A game is played until someone is able to release all the cards in their possession. The first man who manages to run out of cards wins the game.

4.1 Playing the liar

At the beginning of the game is decided by automatic draw the player who is hand, ie, the one who starts to play. In the next round another player would start.

All cards are dealt at the beginning of the game among all players.

4.2 Development of the game
It will start by making a player randomly, which will do so by discarding one, two or three cards, according to his desire, that will lay turns from the reverse on the mat, and will say aloud a combination of cards (all of the same number ), And that will be the play he claims to have thrown (eg 2 2, 3 12, etc.). The number of cards that are said to be thrown must be the same as the cards that are actually cast but, conversely, the player may lie on the specific cards that he has thrown.

Then the player on your right has two options:

Believing as true the combination that claimed to throw his opponent: in that case he should simply cast more cards on the pile (one, two or three), stating that they are the same number as the previous player, passing the turn to the next player , Which will have the same options. On the contrary, you may not believe that your opponent's combination is true: in that case you must say it and lift the cards of the previous player. If it were true what he claimed to have cast, the unbeliever must take all the cards of the pile for himself. If, on the contrary, the unbeliever would have been right in his appreciation, and indeed the previous player would have lied, it will be the liar who will take all the cards in the pile for himself. He will begin to throw cards again, with all this process, the player to the right of who had been punished in the previous trick taking the cards.

The round ends when a player runs out of cards.

Win the round the player who stays before without cards.

5. Location of items in the game.
The player at the beginning of the game will have all his cards at the bottom of the screen and must place them in the center of the board at each turn.
Next to each player, the name, score, flag and photo of each participant appears:
- Photo of each player. If you are logged in to Facebook, on the left will appear your photo and the right of your opponent.
- Shift witness. To the player who touches you move, you will have a green circle next to your photo.
- Country flag. Next to each photo will appear the image of the country of origin of each player.
- Player's name. Below the country flag the player's name appears.
- Points. Below the player's name is the level of experience.
- Starting points. The accumulated points in the game appear on the right of the screen.
- Time. Below the points will appear the remaining time of each movement of the game.
- Play. To the right of the time appears the number of the current play and the total number of plays.
- Categories. Below the country flag is the category you are in, depending on the points you have online:
    * Great Master Gold (gold): if you find yourself above 6000 points.     * Great Diamond Master (diamond): if you find yourself above the 5300 points.     * Great Master Silver (silver): if you find yourself above the 4700 points.     * Great Platinum Master (platinum): if you are above 4000 points.     * Great Master Bronze (bronze): if you find yourself above the 3200 points.     * Grand Master (black): if you are above 2700 points.     * Master (brown): if you are above 2300 points.     * Expert (red): if you are above 2000 points.     * Advanced (blue): if you are above 1800 points.     * Amateur (green): if you are above 1600 points.     * Beginner (yellow): if you are above the 1400 points.     * Novice (pink): if you are below the 1400 points.

6. Score.
Points of experience (PE) that each player has, which serve to measure to what degree one player is better than another in the rankings.

7. End of the Game.
To win the game it is necessary for the player to get rid of all the cards in his possession. Once you finish the game, you will add or subtract experience points as you win, lose or draw the game as indicated in the "Score" section.

8. Start playing.
8.1 Create your user.
To create your user you need to check that your internet connection is available. Once this is done, click on the "Play" button to select your email and start playing (in case you have several configured). You can also enter the application with your Facebook account and you will have access to several additional options: invite friends, share moves, create games to your facebook friends and access the ranking of facebook friends.
8.2 Play
To play a game you can do it in 3 ways:
- Accepting a challenge from a user. Any user of the game can propose challenges to another user. Once the challenges are created, you can accept or reject them as you see fit.
- Creating a game for a user. To create a game, click on the Create Game button and select the different options described in the "Create Game" section. Once the games are created, you will have to wait for the users to accept it to start playing.
- Joining an open game. You can join any game opened by another user where your ranking is within the creation range.

9. Tips.
9.1 Use the aids.
Activate the aids, they will guide you throughout the game.
9.2 Internet connection.
Make sure your internet connection is available.
9.3 Classification.
Check your position in the world ranking and try to improve it to appear among the top 100.