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4.Aim of the game
5.Location of the
7.End Game
8.Start playing
9. Tips

1. Introduction
Briscola Online is a strategy card game Shift 2 Online for players , where you can play brisca , one of the most popular Spanish card . Its origin is Italian and has been evolving Brusquembille.Rivals will measure you anywhere in the world and compete with them in various types of rankings based on experience points ( XP ) you get .
Listed below are the different types of screens that comprise the game.
2.1 Home screen.
On this screen you will find the following options.
- Login: enter in your username to the playing area , if you have none , you will have the option to create your user.
- Facebook Login: click on this to LOGARTE in the game with your Facebook account and have the features of movements share , invite and play with friends facebook.
- Help: Here you will find information about the application. Instructions , modify the user account configuration, suggestions, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, other games.
- Exit: If you've finished playing, press the back button to close the game.
During the game you can access the preferences screen by clicking on the menu button.
2.2 Login.
On this screen you will find the following:
- Login: option to authenticate to the game by entering your email address as your user account. If there are any problems with login, offers the possibility of retrying login with another password.Once authenticated correctly access the main game screen .
2.2.2 Screen.
On this screen you will find a list of items in which movements have still to be made , games with movements other pending and finished the last 10 games.Also find the following:
- Create Item : clicking on this option will open the screen to create starting , described in " Start playing ".
- Ranking : Clicking on this option will open the navigation screen by ranking, where you can choose between global ranking ranking the country , ranking ranking provincial and facebook friends.
- Help : Clicking on this option will open the help screen where you can access the instructions , modify the account user configuration of the game terms of use , privacy policy , suggestions and other games.
- Link Facebook : Clicking on this option will open the facebook login interface and you can link your game account with your facebook account so that you can access the options to invite friends, search friends facebook to create a game ranking and facebook friends.
- Share : Pressing this option , you can send an invitation to your friends on Facebook you consider appropriate , to be installed application and compete with you.
At the top you will find the following:
- Refresh : Clicking on this option will update the games lists.
- Settings : Clicking on this option will open a window where you can choose whether or not you want music, support or change the language of the game.
- Logout : Clicking on this option will erase data you can login and access the game with another account user. Note : Clicking on this action , you will have to login in facebook again. Create Item.
In this area you can create items in different ways.
- Option 1 , creation of open items. Selecting the minimum and maximum score you can create an open item for anyone who is in that score range can accept the game and play.
- Option 2 , create a game with a user that exists in the game. If you know the email or the name of a user you want play , find it and asks to play with him.By the time your opponent accepts the game, start the game.
- Option 3 , replayed with a user with any game you've played recently.
- Option 4 , play with your facebook friends that have a user account on this game.
After selecting any of the above , an application will be sent to your opponent's game and when to accept, the game will begin.The score will not be effective until both players make the first move. Join an Existing Item.
By clicking on the button " Open Items " screen "Create Game " , you can join a game created by another user , in this screen you will see a list of all items created in which your score is within the range of points of headings created . Rankings.
In this area you will see the world rankings , the country , the province , in the last 24 hours and your facebook friends based of the points you have accumulated.For the computation of points see the section " Rating " . help.
Clicking on this option will help the game. Refer to section 2.4
2.3 Facebook Login.
Clicking on this option will open the facebook login interface , which will have to enter the username and password and accept the conditions of use necessary.Once the login, do not need to re- login again until you press on the Logout button on the main screen .
2.4 Help.
In the help screen will display the following sections:
2.4.1 Instructions .
Access this screen instructions.
2.4.2 Modify User.
In this area you can change the name, user password and participation in the game automatically.
2.4.3 Settings.
Use this screen to enable/disable the music and support the game, besides being able to change the language of the game.
2.4.4 Terms of Use
In this option you will find the terms of use of the game .
2.4.5 Privacy Policy.
This option permits you can find data privacy using the game.
2.4.6 Suggestions .
Help us to improve the game, we will all win.Propose improvements you can think or tell us about any problems you have using the game.
2.4.7 Other games.
In this area you'll find other games related companies Androsito Games.
2.5 Exit.
Clicking on this option will completely close the application. Only be sending notifications active application Games or movements made by your opponents .

3.1 Controls out of the game.
Clicking on the menu button on your device, you can enable or disable the following options:
- Music : display in-game sounds.
- Help : Display contextual help to assist the player in all parts of the game. This option does not disable the messages the system.
Game controls 3.2.
On the game, choose the letter you want to take in a play , drag it to the red square that appears in the middle of the board . On the contrary if you want to make a change in a letter by the "life" , drag this yellow squared letter that appears to the left of the board.
- Click on the " steal " to get a letter at the end of each play.
- Click on the " play " to go to the next play when there are no cards to steal.
- Click on the button whose icon is a black hand to sing "Black Hand " and win the game.
- To exit the game click on the button with the white flag.
- To talk to your opponent , press the button that has drawn a globe to access the chat screen .
4.Object of the Game.
The game is to get as many experience points ( PE ) as you can at the end of the game. To achieve these points experience must overcome your opponent in the game score of brisca . Experience points earned depends on the points that you have each of the players , of the difference in points scored in the game and the duration of same . A game is played to a certain number of rounds or games previously reported.The first wins that number of rounds , wins the game.
The value of the cards is ( from highest to lowest ) :
- Ace : 11 points
- Three : 10 points
- King : 4 points
- Riding: 3 points
- Jack: 2 points
- Seven , Six , Five , Four , Two : 0 points
The cards are worthless points are called white letters .
4.1 brisca play
At the beginning of the game is decided by lottery player is automatic hand ie you start playing.In the next round would start another player .
The number of cards to be distributed depends on the number of players:
2 players : 3 cards (6 cards plus 34 in the lot or deck )
After dealing , the last letter is marking the triumph or painting.The rest will be left in a pile face down to steal .
4.2 Development of the game
The player who goes hand playing any of his letters. Others must pull one of yours based on the first.The group of cards that are played on a hand is called trick.
The next player whose turn it is obliged to discard any cards either win or not.

Earn the trick the player who placed the highest win or if no bat wins the starting letter ( the first to be shot) of higher value.
This player collects the asset , ie the cards that have thrown the other players in that hand , and saves them to the end of the round.
The player who wins the trick starts pulling on the next hand.Also have the right to sing at that time. If it's for couples , the partner must also sing, if not lose the opportunity . Final round and point counting
The round ends when all players run out of cards. Whoever gets the last trick of a round earn 10 additional points, called " ten past " .
Win the round the player with the most points ( adding the value of the cards that has been done) .
In each round there are 120 points ( 30 per stick).To which we must add the 10 points the last trick that gives a total of 130 points per game.
The other points depend on whether or not songs.They can reach 100 , which is the maximum.There are 3 songs of 20 points and another 40 points. Endgame
The first player to win the total rounds wins.
Mano Negra
The player can sing " black hand " if you have the 1, 3 , 12 stick directly win the game.
The black hand has to be done immediately after winning the first trick , but lost.
Game controls
In 2 player mode , to exchange the 7 or 2 for the trump card just press on it.See the rule above.

5.Location of items in the game.
The player at the start of the game will have their 3 cards in the bottom of the screen and must place them on each shift within the rectangle red or yellow.
At the top of the screen is the header which is composed of the following elements:
- Photo of every player. If you are logged into Facebook, your photo will appear on the left and right of your opponent.
- Witness turn. The player whose turn it is to move, will have a green circle next to their photo.
- Country flag.Beside each image photo appears the country of origin of each player.
- Name of the player. Under the banner of the country is the name of the player.
- Points.Below the player's name appears on level of experience.
- Starting points.To the right of the screen shows the points earned in the game.
- Time.Underneath the remaining time points of each move of the game .
- Plays.To the right of the long and the current move number and the total number of plays .
- Categories. Under the banner of the country appears the category in which you are , depending online points you have made. The categories are: * Grand Master ( black ) : If you are above 2700. * Master (brown ) : If you are above 2300 points. * Expert (red ) : If you are above 2000 points . * Advanced (Blue ) : If you are above 1800 points . * Amateur (green ) : If you are above 1600 points. * Beginner ( yellow) : If you are above 1400 points. * Novice (Pink ) : if you are below 1400 points.

There are 2 types of ratings in the game. On one side are the experience points ( EP ) of each player , which serve to measure how well a player is better than another in the rankings. And on the other hand are the starting points used to win, lose or draw the game and get experience points at the end of it. In each hand are achieved starting points set out in the objectives section .

To win the game the player need to complete the 20 rounds that make up each item or the end time of the adversary . Once you finish the game , you'll earn experience points or restarás as win, lose or draw the game as shown in the section " Rating " .
8.Start playing.
Create your user 8.1.
To create your user is necessary that you check that your Internet connection is available. After this, click on the button " Login" to enter your email and start playing. You can also sign the application with your Facebook account to access several options Additional invite friends, share movements , creating games with your friends on facebook and access facebook friends ranking .
8.2 Play
To play a game you can do it in 3 ways:
- Accepting a challenge from a user.Any user of the game can propose challenges to another user. Once you believe the challenges can accept or reject as you see fit .
- Creating an item to a user. To create a game, click on the Create button and select the different game options described in section "Create Game ".Once created the items , you must wait for the users will accept it to begin to play. There are 3 rules of the game in the first stage of the game ( before releasing the last 8 letters ) :
* Not Attending ( NA ) : During the first stage of the game you should not attend any club.
* Attend Life (AV ) : During the first phase of the game you only attend to life.
* Attend Always (AS ) : During the first phase of the game you must attend every club.

- Joining an open item.You can join any open item to another user where your ranking is within the range of creation.

9. Tips.
9.1 Use aid.
Turns aid , guide you throughout the game.
9.2 Internet connection.
Make sure your Internet connection is available.
9.3 Classification.
Check your position in the world ranking and try to improve it to appear in the top 100.