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ANGRY STICKS :: Instructions

1. Introduction
2. Screens
3. Game Controls
4. Object of the Game
5. Location of the elements
6. Score
7. End Game
8. Start Playing
9. Tips

1. Introduction
"Angry Sticks" is an online strategy game by turns, in which you must put 5 sticks on the edges of the tiles located in a 11x11 square board, get around it and get the points that each type of tile. We will measure to rivals anywhere in the world and compete with them in various types of rankings based on experience points (EP) you get.

2. Screens
Listed below are the different types of screens that make up the game.
2.1 Start Screen.
On this screen you will find the following options. - Login: user to login to the game area, if you have none, you will find the option to create your user.
- Facebook Login: Click on this option to logarte in the game with your Facebook account and have functionalities movements share, invite and play with friends facebook. - Help: Here you will find information about the application. Instructions, modify the user account, settings, suggestions, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, other games. - Exit: If you've finished playing, press the back button to close the game.
During the game you can access the preferences screen, clicking the menu button.
2.2 Login.
On this screen you will find the following: - Login: option to authenticate in the game by entering your email address as your user account. If there is a problem with login, gives you the ability to retry the login with another password. Once authenticated correctly access the main game screen.
2.2.2 Main Screen.
On this screen you will find a list of items in which movements have still to be made, items with movements other pending and finished the last 10 games. Also you will find the following: - Create Item: Clicking on this option will open the Create Game screen, described in "Start playing". - Ranking: clicking on this option will open the navigation screen by ranking, where you can choose between the overall ranking, ranking the country, ranking ranking provincial and facebook friends. - Help: Clicking on this option will open the help screen where you can access instructions, modify the account user settings, game terms of use, privacy policy, suggestions and other games. - Link Facebook: Clicking on this option will open the facebook login interface and you connect your game account with Facebook so that you can access the options to invite friends, search facebook friends to create a game and ranking of facebook friends. - Share: Pressing this option, you can send an invitation to your friends on Facebook you see fit, to be installed application and compete with you. In the header you can find the following options: - Update: Clicking on this option will update the games lists. - Settings: Clicking on this option will open a window where you can choose whether or not you want music, or change aid the language of the game. - Logout: Clicking on this option will erase data you can login and access the game with another account user. Note: Clicking on this action, you will have to login in facebook again. Create Game.
In this zone can create items of different ways. - Option 1, creation of open items. Selecting the minimum and the maximum score you can create an open item to anyone who is in that score range can accept and play the game. - Option 2, create a game with a user that exists in the game. If you know the email or the name of a user you want play, find it and play with it requested. By the time your opponent accepts the game, start the game. - Option 3, replay a user you've played a game recently. - Option 4, plays with your Facebook friends who have a user account on this game. After selecting one of the above options, a request will be sent to your opponent's game and when they accept, the game will begin. The score will not be effective until both players make the first move. Joining an existing game.
Clicking on the button "Open Items" screen "Create Game", you can join a game created by another user, in this screen you will see a list of all items created in which your score is within the range of points of headings created. Rankings.
In this area you will see the world rankings, the country, the province, in the last 24 hours and your facebook friends based of the points you have accumulated. For the computation of points revises the "Rating". Help.
Clicking on this option will help the game. Refer to section 2.4
2.3 Facebook Login.
Clicking on this option will open the facebook login interface, in which you will have to enter the username and password and accept the conditions of use necessary. Once the login, do not need to re-login again until you press on the Logout button on the main screen.
2.4 Help.
In the help screen will display the following sections:
2.4.1 Instructions.
This will take you to this screen instructions.
2.4.2 Modify User.
In this area you can change the name, password and automatic games.
2.4.3 Configuration.
In this screen you can enable / disable the music and support the game, besides being able to change the language of the game.
2.4.4 Terms of Use.
In this option you will find the terms of use of the game.
2.4.5 Privacy Policy.
This option permits you can find data privacy using the game.
2.4.5 Suggestions.
Help us improve the game, we will win all. Propose improvements you can think or tell us about any problems you have using the game.
2.4.6 Other games.
In this area you will find other games related companies Androsito Games.
2.5 Exit.
Clicking on this option will completely close the application. Only be sending notifications active application of items or movements made by your opponents.

3. Controls.
3.1 Outside the game controls.
Pressing the menu button on your device, you can enable or disable the following options:
- Music: display in-game sounds.
- Help: Displays context-sensitive help to assist the player in all parts of the game. This option does not disable the messages the system.
3.2 Game controls.
In the game screen, drag each of the five sticks that initially appear in the bottom left to the edges of the tiles from the board. After you put all the sticks, tap the green button to send your motion to accept the opponent. If you have misplaced most of the sticks and want to return to the initial situation, click on the red cross. To exit the game click on the button with the white flag. To speak to your opponent, press the button that has drawn a globe to access the chat screen.

4. Object of the Game.
The game is to get as many experience points (EP) as you can in the end of the game. To achieve these points experience must overcome your opponent in the game score. Must surround each of the different tiles that exist on a 11x11 board positions. With each type of tile you can get the following:
- White: 4 points awarded for the first time to surround them.
- Blue: 4x6 = 24 points awarded to surround them first.
- Green: 4x4 = 16 points awarded to surround them first.
- Orange: 4x8 = 32 points awarded to surround them first.
- Red: 4x12 = 48 points awarded to surround them first.
Experience points depend on the points that have each of the players, the difference in points scored in the game and the duration of same.

5. Location of items in the game.
The player at the start of the game will have all the sticks in a box at the bottom of the screen and must placing on the edges of the tiles of 11x11 one board. Each tile provides different types of punctuation as defined in "Object of the Game".
At the top of the screen is the header which is composed of the following elements:
- Photo by each player. If you are logged into Facebook, your photo will appear on the left and right of your opponent.
- Witness turn. The player whose turn it is to move, have a green circle next to their photo.
- Country flag. Next to each image photo appears the country of origin of each player.
- Player name. Under the flag of the player's name appears.
- Points. Below the player's name appears game score and in brackets the level of experience.
- Time. Points below the remaining time for each move of the game.
- Plays. To the right of the displayed time of the play current number and the total number of plays.

6. Rating.
There are two types of scores in the game. On one side are the experience points (EP) of each player, which serve to measure how well a player is better than another in the rankings. And on the other hand are the starting points that serve to win, lose or draw the game and get experience points after each meeting. During the game, each time surrounding a tile will get the points set out in the objectives section.

7. Endgame.
To win the game the player must complete the 26 rounds that make up each item or the end time of the adversary. Once you finish the game, or restarás'll earn experience points as you win, lose or draws the game as shown in the section "Rating".

8. Start playing.
8.1 Create user.
To create your user is necessary that you check that your Internet connection is available. That done, click on the button "Login" to enter your email and start playing. You can also sign the application with Facebook to access various options Additional invite friends, share movements, creating games with your friends on facebook and access facebook friends ranking.

8.2 Play.
To play a game you can do it in 3 ways:
- Accepting a challenge from a user. Anyone can propose challenges game to another user. Once you believe the challenges You can accept or reject as you see fit.
- Creating an item to a user. To create a game, click on the Create button and select the different game options described in "Create Game". Once created the items, you must wait until you accept it users to start playing.
- Joining an open item. You can join any game open by another user where your ranking is within the range of creation.

9. Tips.
9.1 Use aid.
Turns aid, guide you throughout the game.
9.2 Connecting internet.
Make sure your Internet connection is available.
9.3 Classification.
Check your position in the world ranking and try to improve it to appear in the top 100.